We focus on your fleet care so you can focus on your business.

We are the only 24/7 overnight service option locally and endeavour to respond swiftly to stains and spills in your vehicles and fleets.

Our Fleet Care Grooming and Management Service meets all standard requirements to ensure your vehicle is protected and insured in our care.

  • Cars, vans, utes and buses with 9-15 seats
  • Trucks or digger interiors with seat and carpet cleaning
  • Fleet grooming cycles on your request with stable pricing
  • Monitoring and management of fleet grooming cycles and services
  • Business vehicle preservation and appearance restoration
  • Window washer water levels refilled 
  • Detecting and informing you of minor vehicle faults
  • Servicing options when vehicle isn’t required for use or booked for our 24/7 service option
  • Flexible servicing options – We can come to you!


HEMAD will prepare your leased vehicle to prime condition so you can avoid extra expenses when you return it to the dealer. 

The best circumstance for the trader is a direct sale to the next client without having to do any detailing work to the incoming lease vehicle.


  • Exterior hand washed with deep cleaning methods
  • Panels deep cleaned – tar, grime and bug contamination removal
  • Paintwork friendly cleaning methods and products used 
  • Windows and mirror glass cleaning – water spot removal and water repellant application
  • Door jams and trunk seal cleaning 
  • Engine bay degreasing and steam cleaning 
  • Rim deep cleaning, brake dust removal and tyre conditioner application
  • Carpet and mats hand brushed and vacuumed
  • Carpet, mats and seating deep cleaning with shampoo and conditioner 
  • Dashboard deep cleaning, conditioner and interior protection applied


  • Paintwork prepared for polishing
  • Paint Polish / Paint Wax in a 2 Stage method

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